New Features

- Modified the game's color grading shader to allow more colors. 

- Reworked the Buluc boss sprite.

- New option to choose a CRT shader with scaling interpolation  


New Features

- Getting the Jetpack upgrade will now also unlock a triple jump ability.

- Performing a wall jump with the Spin Blade instantly refills the Steam Meter

Next to the enhanced running speed (build 1.48), those changes will now unlock Outbuddies` full mobility potential and enable speed-techs on a completely different level.

Design Fixes

- The Jetpack movement consumes less Steam Meter and can also directly connect to a Steam Jump

- Buluc Boss Fight: Evade spots are now prompted, giving a better clue about the basic approach

- Dropping from platforms is now accelerated to make it more suitable as an evade-strategy

- Changed CoOp menu handling: Only the Nicolay player will be able to control the menu

- The Topa Boss fight could be cheesed when accessing the room with late-game equipment

Bugfixes & Performance

- Implemented a more aggressive particle handling to ensure stable FR on lower-end setups

- Shifting from a zoomed-out CoOp display to the 360p compatibility fix was not working correctly

- Plants sometimes covered the tutorial billboards in the backgrounds

- The map progress achievements are re-implemented. To claim your achievements with a saved game, load your map screen, then exit to gameplay again and wait for 2 seconds. The achievement should unlock on the game‘ s main screen when exiting after that.


New Features

- Added over 40 new background assets and tile-variations to the game to provide more guidance and give each sub-biome and key room a look to remember. The assets were made by pixel artist Louis Zuno. I just recently started supporting him on Patreon.

- The 8-bit color mode was replaced by a "Muted Backgrounds" option. While I personally prefer it colorful you may now use this to turn backgrounds grayscale and darken them as well. The 8-bit option was dropped cuz it seemed rarely used and the colors really were too hard on the eyes in some areas.

Design Fixes

- Run speed is now 200% of the walking speed (compared to 150% in the earlier builds).

- The Steam Dash underwater is a bit faster

- Bombs will now be auto-attached to enemies more generously when in crawling or Homunculus (ball) mode.

- The Spin Blade now does double damage


- Made the Topa boss room robust to sequence breaking. Leaving the room through the ceiling gate with late-game equipment permanently glitched it. 

- Executing a Corridium dash on a vertical room transition could lead to wall glitching 

- Holding joystick left when calling the options would cause a black screen

- The claw arm of Razoth would not generate properly in rare cases

- Tutorials would not display correctly when playing with a keyboard + mouse setup 


New Features

- Gamepad rumble can now be turned off in the options menu

- Map scrolling can now be inverted in the options menu. The default control was set back to regular.

Design Fixes

- The Moxan Boss now has a better visual clue how to beat it

- Reworked object accelerations to allow more precise telekinetic movements with Buddy

- Simplified rotation control on telekinesis. Objects will now always rotate clockwise.


- The code for gamepad rumble transmission induces a high CPU load on weapon-charging

- Implemented a new resolution option [Fixed 360p]. This is a compatibility fix that solves rare issues with window-flickering on room transitions on Windows 7 as well as crashes that occurred with screen-recording software that hooks to DX9 APIs. This option will create black borders on non-standard resolutions and a zoom-out on CoOp ist no longer possible.

- Feeding the Soul Eater by holding [LB] had stopped working on build 1.46, you had to hold [LT] instead. Now both inputs are valid.

- Fixed issues with gamepad rumble not triggering on CoOp play.


Design Fixes

New wall jump input: Close to a wall, any horizontal joystick input + jump will now execute the wall jump. So the common input most games use [push towards wall + jump] is now supported as well. 

Improved early game tutorials. Adjusted some pictorials, especially the ones explaining hacking were very confusing. The Outbuddies Wiki can now also be called from the main menu, providing in-depth explanations and GIF images of the game's mechanics and controls. 

Two more hacking protocols were hidden to enable reaching level 6 now (Red Hat Achievement). I had messed the protocol count up, sorry for that. 

Here are the hints for those completionists. 

1. The first one is hidden in the perfect room to hide an Easter Egg

2. The second one is where all the other eggs are

Btw. the map-progress achievements are still broken and removed on Steam, I'll fix it ASAP. 


x Mashing buttons in tubes and during screen transitions could lead to game-breaking wall glitches 

x Heavy impulses close to the ceiling could lead to wall-glitching

x The Nocturne Boss could be glitched to death by pausing the game in a specific sequence 

x Collecting missile tanks before the launcher still was not robust to sequence breaking 

x Rare bug in the loading routine granting you weapons you don't own yet


New control schemes for gamepad modes 

XInput mode (default, made for modern gamepads with Right Stick & Shoulder-Trigger functionality)

New button mapping. Xbox Gamepad. 

[X] = Fire weapon slot 1; Buddy Telekinesis

[Y] = Shift slot 1

[B] = Fire weapon slot 2

[Right Stick] down = Shift slot 2

[Right Stick] up = Call Buddy. Coded large dead zone to avoid accidentally shifting to Buddy. 

[A] = Jump; Scan with Buddy, Rotate selected stone with Buddy

[RB] = Steam Button/ Dodge; Select object with Buddy, Build block on CoOp

[RT] = Aim upwards, Strafe underwater; Rotate Buddy's keychain

[LB] = Action Button: Interact, Talk, place Bombs; Accelerate Buddy 

[LT] = Run Button, Strafe underwater, Rotate Buddy's keychain 

(--> For XInput mode Run and Action buttons are now separated).

DirectInput mode (6-8 button retro-gamepads, no Right-Stick or Trigger functions)

Changed default button mapping. DirectInput controls can be remapped in the [Input Mapping] tab. 

New movement abilities: Player is now able to aim downwards while jumping forward by pressing the joystick diagonal-down. Larger deadzone for joystick-down input to avoid accidentally aiming down when jumping forward. 

Inputs for map scrolling are now inverted 

Design Fixes:

Buddy Telekinesis: Abandoned the push/pull mechanic in favor of pull only. A lot of players were confused or annoyed by the old implementation. 

Adjusted some key-rooms in the Toxic Swamps due to a high danger of soft-locking when venturing in that area without the proper equipment. 

More Treasure Medals were hidden in the game's last area (Sanctum), for a better chance to rescue all Wozan or use a resurrection batch in the last boss battle. 

Rebalanced drop chances to account for players low on health or missiles. 

Rebalancing of some sound Fx volumes.

Improvements in the tutorial section.  


Fixed various typos and grammar errors in the dialogues. 

Improved the jump-buffering readout 

Rare animation bug when falling corrupting the double jump input 

Player was able to jump while activating a teleporter

Player was able to double jump after being killed

Fixed animation bug when respawning in a crouching stance 

Upgrade chains and Achievement unlocking should now be robust to heavy sequence breaks. 


Hotfix that replaces a broken room layout in the Toxic Swamps.