This page is WIP and will help you overcome Outbuddies' vicious boss encounters. We'll start with the 3rd main encounter Buluc, as players seem to have the most trouble with him. Sorry for the bad streaming quality, will make an HD-version when I find the time.

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Buluc, the Giant

The fight seems quite random at first glance, but it's highly strategic and not about reflexes and dodging undoable bullet patterns, it’s about evade-zone management and building smooth transitions between those evade spots. As you see in the video you can quickly shift between the evade spots by dodge rolling, jumping and platform skipping. 

Blue Spot: It's the central position to attack Buluc. This spot provides good protection from falling rocks and his Orb-Bullets will bounce off the front platform and miss you. The spot ins unsafe to both claw attacks, so if he's charging you'll need to change your position.

After any dodge, you should try to get back to the blue spot as quickly as possible. 

Falling Rocks can be destroyed by missiles or charge shots, which is very important to free your evade spots. On CoOp, you can also hook them with Buddy and throw them on Buluc.

Green Spot: Use to dodge the Horizontal Slash. It is telegraphed by Buluc slightly lifting his claw (picture). When Buluc is charging for the horizontal slash, no rocks will be generated, otherwise standing there is very dangerous, because falling rocks can hardly be dodged. The position is vulnerable to his Orb-Bullets, just jump over them.  

Pink Spots: Use to dodge the Vertical Slash. Buluc will lift his claw overhead to telegraph it. The front spots are vulnerable to bullets but preferable. While he's charging for the vertical slash you can shift between the two aligned platforms to dodge his bullets. 

Yellow Spot: The Black Matter Attack needs to be avoided by standing on the lowest platform at the right edge, or you go to Homunculus form and jump in the lava under the platforms (not intended, but looks cool, got that from a pro-player). After this attack, you need to get back up very quickly, as the complete lower area is unsafe for his horizontal slash. 

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