Controls are shown for Xbox One. Button positions are equal on Nintendo Switch and PS4!



Dodge enemy attacks, spikes or traps by pressing [Steam] = [RB]. The dodge can be shortened by a joystick input in the opposite direction.

By using Steam power your Steam meter will drop, it refills quickly when you're on solid ground, and also while climbing or swimming.

The Spin Blade, a late-game upgrade, will enhance the Steam Roll by inflicting damage on your enemies. A successful dodge will also instantly refill your Steam meter.


Three of the game's for weapon systems are chargeable, altering their behavior or inflicting more damage. 

Weapon Slots

You've two separate slots available, which can be assigned and fired independently. 

Fire primary slot with [X]

Shift primary slot with [Y]. 

Fire secondary slot with [B]

Shift secondary slot with [Right Stick] down.


Huge damage, and unlimited range, limited ammo

Find missile tanks to upgrade your missile stock. Missile tanks can be refilled by collecting enemy dops or by meeting the Wozan mechanic. 

Next to bombs, missiles can also break stones to reveal secrets within wall structures! 


Strategical Weapon: Good range, low fire rate, low default-damage 

Use it to immobilize enemies and use them as platforms. 

Charging the Bubble Beam will spread immobilizing clusters. Hitting an already clotted enemy with a charged beam will inflict heavy damage. 


Energizes wall structures and can activate shut-down facilities. 

Charge to perform a dash that renders you invincible. Connecting the dash to a wall structure enables you to run along the cave walls and ceilings. Use the [Joystick] on wall contact to decide the climbing direction. Press any button to disengage the run or press [Jump] to push of the wall. 


Avoid enemies by sneaking by in crawling stance or Homunculus form. Don't move if enemies are close and face you. Also, avoid making any noise close to an enemy.