Controls are shown for Xbox One. Button positions are equal on Nintendo Switch and PS4!



Jump with [A]. Hold for a high jump, tap for a tiny jump.

Hold [LT] to run and jump a wider distance. 


Press the [Joystick] in the wall's direction to attach and climb up

Press [Fire] to draw your weapon and shoot

Press [Joystick] left/right to toggle shooting and climbing stance

Press [Joystick] down to climb down

Press [Joystick] down + [Jump] to let go 

Press [Jump] to push off the wall; apply air control by holding the [Joystick] left/right.


Close to a wall in midair, press [Jump] + hold the [Joystick] left or right. The input was simplified in build 1.46, so any horizontal joystick input + jump will now trigger the wall jump!

Alternate this movement quickly to bounce up between vertical structures


The Steam Boots, a mid game upgrade, will allow a double jump by pressing [Jump] in midair.


This late-game upgrade refills your Steam Meter on each wall jump allowing to use a combination of wall-jumping and double jumping to climb any wall. 


An optional mid-late game upgrade that enables you to float in midair or perform a triple jump.


Hold [LT] or [RT] to strafe. Keyboard and DirectInput players: Hold [Action] key. 

Accelerate underwater: Press [Steam] key. 


Press [Steam] + [Joystick] down to enter a crawling stance.

The Homunculus upgrade will morph you into a resistant ball later in the game.

While in crawilng stance or Homunculus form, enemies won't spot you if you move carefully


You can scan walls for destroyable structures with Buddy!

Place Bombs by pressing the [Joystick] in a wall's direction + tap the Action key [LB]

This is also possible while jumping, crawling or diving

Placing a bomb in crawling-stance close to an enemy will auto-attach the bomb to it, which will be your only option to defend yourself in small tubes. 


Use treasure medals to break walls and rescue Wozan miners. Wozan will support you in boss battles with health drops. 10 Wozan is equal to one assist. 

Step close to a cage door and press the Action key [LB].

You can also feed treasure medals to dark creatures called Soul Eaters by approaching them and holding the Action key for a longer time. This will grant you a Soul-Eater batch right next to your health indicator and a one-time resurrection in battle. 

Be careful. Feeding too many medals to Soul Eaters might result in the inability to rescue all Wozan miners. 


Use the [Right Stick] to scroll the map.

Keyboard players use [Ctrl] + [Arrow Keys]

The map shows the location of all Wozan, as well as major powerups (P) and boss rooms. Door types are indicated by the colored lines separating some rooms. Minor powerups like missile tanks, hacking protocols and treasure medals will not be shown. 

- Green key icon = Room solved. You beat an encounter, saved a puzzle or freed the Wozan.

- Blue checkmark icon = You found a powerup in that room. 

- P-Icons will persist after collecting an upgrade!

- <!> = An important key room you need to remember, maybe come back later if you find yourself unable to proceed in such a room.