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Enter Bahlam, a sunken fortress of the Old Gods, located deep in the South Atlantic Ocean. Maritime archaeologist and adventurer Nikolay Bernstein and his life support droid Buddy must combine their unique skills to overcome Bahlam’s hostile creatures, uncover its secrets and find their way home.


Title: Outbuddies

Genre: Metroidvania/ exploration-based platformer

Platforms: PC/ Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Available now on Steam & GOG! ERD Consoles Q2/2020

Aesthetics: Pixel and Voxel Art

Player: Single-player & Local Co-OP

Controls: Keyboard, Gamepad, Mouse (Co-Op)

Developer: Julian Laufer, Germany

Soundtrack: OGRE Music

Publisher: Headup

Engine: Fusion 2.5 (Clickteam)

Contact: info[at]outbuddies[dot]com

Twitter: @IndieJGames



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EXPLORE! An open Lovecraftian fantasy world with an intriguing narrative and memorable characters

EVOLVE! Real mechanics-gated Metroidvania gameplay with lots of gear, puzzles and Easter eggs

EXCEED! The limits of gravity; combine your weapons and gear upgrades to develop your own approaches and speed-techs


- Epic boss battles that stand out to be among the genre's most creatives 

- Unique Drone-Buddy with optional local Co-Op support

- Original soundtrack by OGRE music

- MS-DOS style pixel art with distortion-free scaling & CRT emulation support


Outbuddies' development started as a spare time passion-project in early 2013, influenced by timeless classics of my childhood starring Super Metroid, Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., and Mega Man. The quality, depth, and acceptance of indie metroidvanias like Axiom Verge & Hollow Knight proved what can be achieved by small teams or even single persons. Those developers inspired me to allocate even more personal resources and dedication to the project so it could eventually evolve into something really special. As a father, daytime employee, and gamer myself I loved how progression and iteration were tackled in outstanding indie platformer Celeste, so Outbuddies was designed to provide challenging and encouraging gameplay while skipping punishing throwbacks and grinding mechanics in total. I listen to feedback and I'm dedicated to support and improve the game further after release, so shoot me a mail anytime!

Developer Interview on (German)


Outbuddies was originally developed for Windows-PC. Our Kickstarter campaign offered backers an option for early access (PC), which will remain exclusive to Kickstarter. In 2017 I teamed up with indie publisher Headup Games and Clickteam LLC to lead the game to a cross-platform release. 


The following artists are contributing to the game:

Robin Ogden on Bandcamp (soundtrack):

My brother Tobi (cutscenes/ cinematics):




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"It’s phenomenal that a one-man team has created something that’s possible to compare, let alone so favourably, with a classic. This is my favourite Metroid-me-do since Axiom Verge, and it’s preferable to me since it favours exploration and progression over ramping difficulty.I’ve had a very splendid time with this, and have much splendid time left with it. A proper fine achievement, and a game worthy of measuring against the mighty Metroid."

John Walker - Rock Paper Shotgun

"It is unquestionably Metroid, but it’s not a clone. It feels, and this is as high praise as it sounds, like it could be a Metroid sequel itself. That it’s created by a one-man team is absolutely ridiculous, and he should immediately be hired by Nintendo."

John Walker - 10 Best Buried Treasures of 2019

“It is games like Outbuddies that remind me of why I choose indie games over AAA. [...] With a fantastic plot, intense and fast-paced combat, complex and in-depth gameplay and a world that is brimming with life and atmosphere, Outbuddies is an absolute must-play for any fan of the Metroidvania."

9/10 – Damien Smith, The Video Game Autopsy

"Outbuddies is definitely a game that will find many enthusiasts among the Metroid fans, but also among the people who just love to discover and explore new pixelated worlds."

9/10 - RetroCity

“I think Outbuddies has a good chance of going down as a very strong entry in the genre. There’s a lot to appeal here for fans of Metroid and its atmosphere, Metroidvania players, or just anyone who wants a game that seems to have genuine effort and passion behind it.”

Save or Quit

“When the old school calls, OUTBUDDIES responds; here we are talking about an indie made with a gameplay and a graphic style that turns us back with nostalgia in the 90s!”

8.4 – Tribe Games

"It was well worth the wait: The skillfully crafted title puts back the focus on exploration with one of the most impressive level-designs of the genre!"

Gazette of Independent Gaming

"OUTBUDDIES adds on to the original Super Metroid formula in unexpected and pleasant ways. For fans of the retro action-platformer genre looking for that nostalgia feel, OUTBUDDIES is certain to deliver."

8/10 -


Experience an intriguing narrative told through the environment and character interactions


Enter Bahlam, a sunken city of the Old Gods, located deep in the South Atlantic Ocean. Following a shipwreck, adventurer and maritime archaeologist Nikolay Bernstein regains consciousness 36.000 feet under the sea. He's severely wounded and unwillingly connected to a supernatural Buddy-unit. Searching for answers about his displacement our main protagonist digs deep into the lost undercity, gradually realizing an ominous presence hollowing in its shadowed caverns.


Meet the Wozan


On your journey home you will share your fate with a friendly tribe of mining creatures, the Wozan, who fear the Old Gods and strive to get back to the surface since their ancestors had been enslaved 5000 years ago. Some of them were able to flee and founded secret colonies deep inside the sunken ruins, others are still exploited by the hostile creatures that have overtaken the city since the Old Gods suddenly disappeared.


Explore an open vibrant fantasy world


Experience real open Metroidvania gameplay and uncover five distinct areas, all with remarkable puzzles, environmental hazards, epic boss encounters and captured Wozan to uncage. Your Buddy unit will procedurally map the area and function as a handy quality of life tool that can be controlled at will to manipulate your surroundings using various abilities like hacking, scanning, and telekinesis.


Growing through mechanics and skill


Explore Bahlam with high freedom of movement like climbing, crawling and diving right from the start. As you progress your set of options will expand by discovering ancient weapon systems, suit upgrades and hacking protocols for your droid. All gear will be carefully balanced in terms of combat abilities and has to be used selectively to overcome specific hazards and puzzles.


Local Co-Op play


The local Co-Op option invites a second player to explore and experience this adventure together by taking control over the invincible Buddy unit. Support each other on your journey home, solve puzzles and overcome Bahlam's hostile maze. This will also provide an opportunity for team-speedrunning as a very unique take on the scene.