Windows 7 or higher. For running the game in 60 FPS you should at least have a dual-core CPU 2,2 GHz plus. A dedicated graphics card is not needed. The game will auto-adjust to 30 FPS if your machine can´t handle it under heavy load. 

WINDOWED BUILD (Steam beta only)

For loading it on Steam goto Outbuddies --> right-click --> properties

--> Betas --> Choose "windowed build".

The windowed build will boot-up in a 720p window and can be maximized to fit your desktop resolution.
The windowed build is identical to the fullscreen build, besides CoOp mouse control not being available for Buddy and a fixed camera.


You can play Outbuddies on Linux using Steam Proton: Gamepad and video playback support now included!

Make sure to download and manually install the needed custom fonts for build 1.52 if you’re on Linux:


In case you played an old standalone demo of Outbuddies in the last years, please make sure to restore the default settings in the options menu before starting a new game!

Old save data is known to cause multiple issues withing the current build, including corruption the keyboard or gamepad readouts. Also, do not load progress saves from a demo build, as stability cannot be granted and you would likely run into level design associated issues. Just override old save slots by starting a new game.


Press F8 during gameplay to run a performance benchmark. The game will freeze for about 2 sec and a framerate counter is displayed bottom left. If this counter exceeds 80 your system should be able to run the game at 60 FPS. Please note that this test won't work if your GPU drivers force Vsync on the game. Outbuddies gameplay is always capped at 60 FPS.

You can also toggle an overlay showing your playtime, room ID and framerate by pressing F1.
In case you want to discuss level-design related stuff having the room ID at hand would always be very helpful to me.


Outbuddies default build runs in an auto-stretched borderless window. Multitasking functions are enabled.

You can also try “Win 7/8 Fullscreen” in the options for a direct display output on those systems. This may give a slightly smoother experience, but you cannot use multitasking functions (Win-Key, Alt-Tab) anymore. Important: This mode is NOT compliant and needed with Win 10.

The game should always scale distortion-free to your native desktop resolution. Aspect ratios up to 21:9 as well as resolutions up to 4K are supported. For ultra-wide setups please go to options --> system config, and choose either "fixed" resolution or "maximum" resolution.

For saving system resources, you may set your desktop to a lower resolution when running the game. It will adapt and rescale on the fly. Please note that the game cannot scale to multi-display setups where linked displays are recognized as one continuous display.


Some dedicated cards may need the in-game Vsync deactivated to work correctly. Sync conflicts with those setups may result in delayed loading times, black screen or frequent FR drops on otherwise capable systems. You can deactivate the in-game Vsync handling in the "Options/System Config" tab. Due to the aged game engine, Outbuddies uses your integrated graphics by default. You (normally) should not force the game to your dedicated GPU. In very rare cases, disabling Vsync on the GPU-driver side of things was needed to fix the listed issues. Please also make sure your graphics drivers are functional, we had a couple of cases where a simple restart of the system was needed to fix issues with drivers that had just been updated before starting the game.

Important tech notes for Youtubers & Streamers:

Outbuddies' game engine has known issues with software recorders like FRAPS & Bandicam that hook to DirectX APIs. I recommend using a hardware recorder like the Elgato instead or set your software recorder to desktop mode (available with Bandicam, for example). For streaming, it might be useful to let your dedicated GPU handle the screen-recording if this option is available. If the broadcasting software utilizes too much CPU/GPU resources, the game’s FR might auto-adjust to 30 FPS.

A windowed build is available on Steam only in the Beta tab.


XInput Gamepads:

For Outbuddies, I recommend using a Xinput Gamepad or a gamepad emulated as Xinput. On Steam, most gamepads (like PS4) can be emulated as XInput using the Steam controller configurations. Button rebinding can also be done using Steam configurations, but keep in mind that the game's controls become quite complex the more equipment you acquire and that the default gamepad mapping already accounts for that.

Keyboard Setup:

The game also supports full keyboard mapping, in case you want to use that. Mouse inputs are not supported for single-player yet, but for controlling Buddy in CoOp. Mouse functionality will be added for single-player in the next weeks though, as already requested by our beta testers.

Assigning devices for local CoOp:

Call the in-game pause menu and choose the top symbol by pressing up on the joystick or keyboard (default = W). You´ll then be asked to assign input devices for each character. You may use a gamepad or keyboard for Nicolay and gamepad, keyboard or the mouse for controlling Buddy.